74mm x 74mm, thickness 4.5mm
A Tosho style tsuba.
This tsuba is not so old as Ko-tosho but the design and the steel is very good. It may be from the early Edo period (17th century).

"Tosho" is one of the styles of tsubas, the word means a sword smith. But it doesn't mean that the tsuba was actualy made by some sword smith. It is a word to define one type of the tsuba.
The terms of tosho tsuba are good steel, simple round shape, thin thickness, and one point cut out work. In other words, simple and powerful feeling. It is a typical style that sword smiths made. Such a style tsuba before 16th century is especially called "Ko-tosho" (old sword smith). It is most appreciable. (=> Ko-tosho)
In 19th century, some sword smiths made decorative tsubas, but it is not called "Tosho". It is just a tsuba made by the sword smith.
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