Katana "Kodaira" with sabre mount

blade length 63.7cm, curvature 1.5cm, thickness at the base 7mm, width 2.6cm

This is a katana blade that is purposely made in a style of O'suriage.
The request was making a blade to put into an old naval sabre mount that the customer had. The owner imagined a copy of the sabre that the Meiji emperor gave to admiral Togo at the Russo-Japanese war. The original blade was an O'suriage tachi blade by Ichimonji Yoshifusa.

The Japanese naval sabre in the early 20th century what the smith made the blade to put into.

The mount is fixed to get perfect fit with the new blade. The leather and the urushi lacquer on it is newly applied.

The steel is very fine.

The hamon pattern is choji. It is mainly made of bright konie (small particles). The area between hamon and utsuri is very clear.

A painting of admiral Togo at the Russo-Japanese war

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