Aikuchi koshirae for tanto and Kaiken koshirae
(=> Kaiken koshirae)
We make an Aikuchi koshirae for a tanto blade, but don't need shirasaya.
The blade is shaped completely, but not polished up yet.

blade length 25.2cm,  width at the base 29.5mm,  thickness at the base 8mm
The base work of the mount.

The urushi lacquer work has done.
Then,the blade is brought to polishing work.
So the rest is menuki, sageo, and kozuka.

The polishing work has finished.
It is finished by the modern style.

The mount is completed.

The menuki is a pair of rounded gold dragon.

The kozuka slot is still empty.
Kaiken koshirae
The tanto blade is before polishing.

blade length 20.8cm
The engraving "Shin"

A pair of menuki is found, that can be put on this tanto.
Bouquets of autumn flowers. It is gilt on copper, from Edo period, no worn out of gold.

The base of the mount is completed.

Now, it is going to the urushi worker.
The mount is painted with black stone grain.

The gold letter of "shin" at the top of handle.

The blade is polished up by Mr. Rinzo NEGISHI with very traditional sashikomi style. He has polished several blades in the Boston Museum.




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