Sho blade

blade length 40.6cm, curvature 0.4cm,  width at the base 40mm,  thickness at the base 8mm
signature is "Keiun Naohiro", "Kinoto Tori Junigatsu nichi" (2005 December)
The steel is fine and has a small wood grain layer pattern.

The hamon is fine konie particles making saka-choji pattern including kinsuji here and there. An utsuri appears as a figure of a shadow of the hamon pattern. The area between the hamon and the utsuri is deep and clear colour. The appearance is very fine as well as interesting.

The engravings, a long groove and twin narrow grooves, can suggests a Buddha and two servants like the Fudo and Kongara/Seitaka.
The habaki is oxidized silver.