Dai blade
Tachi "Naohiro" with Shirasaya

blade length 68.3cm, curvature 2.2cm, thickness at the base 8.5mm, width at the base 3.2cm, weight 950g
The steel has a small wood grain layer pattern.

The hamon is a choji pattern made of konie (small particles).
The start of utsuri (shadow of hamon) is clear, and it runs toward the kissaki as irregular pattern. The appearance of the relation between the hamon and the utsuri is fantastic. It is not designed by the smith, it suggests an amazing effect of sensitive steel.

The blade quality is very good, and so is the polishing work.
The polishing is the classical style (Sashikomi), but the steel colour seems a little modern. In other words, the polishing work makes the contrast of colours between the hamon and the ji clearer than orthodox sashikomi styles.
The tang.

"Keiun Naohiro"

"Kinoto Tori Juni-gatsu nichi" (2005 December)
The habaki is an oxidized silver.
The shirasaya.