Tanto O-suriage (Mino)

blade length 28.4cm
This tanto blade is a broken piece of long blade.
When we found this tanto, the work of making new tang was very poor, but the hamon looked like good koto blade. Then we shaped the tang again. It has become better, but still terrible.
We are not sure if the hamon is original or re-tempered on broken piece. Anyhow the quality of hamon is very good.

The steel is wood grain layer pattern with full of Jinie (steel particles) and Chikei. It is excellent quality.

The hamon is full of Konie (small particles) and Nie (large particles). The hamon pattern is straight pattern (Suguha) in the lower part, and it goes to wild toward the kissaki. It is Hitatsura near the kissaki. The much Nie on the hamon is most appreciable.
In the Ji, there are Utsuri, Yubashiri, and Tobiyaki, those bring a fantastic appearance and are proof of good quality of steel.

The tang is terrible, but the blade is shaped well with neat surfaces and enough meat on hamon. The finishing is done honestly in Sashikomi style (the classical style).
The polisher judged this blade to Mino in 15th century, and the hamon original. He loved this excellent quality blade, even it has been a broken piece.
This may be a cheap tanto which is made from a broken sword, but showing high quality of Koto blades.


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