An old katchushi style tsuba. It is big, and so is the tang hole. The age may be 14th century (Namboku cho) or older. Simple and powerful tsuba to put on big Katana or Tachi. The open layer on the surface also is interesting.

9.1cm x 9.1cm, thickness at the center 3mm, at the rim 5mm, tang hole 3.1cm x 1.0cm


Katchushi tsuba is a style of old tubas. Katchushi means armour maker. ButiIt doesn't mean that the tsuba is actually made by armour maker. Such a style is typical of that armour makers made.
The terms it can be called so are
1) made of good steel
2) the plate is simple and thin around 3mm, sometimes having small cut-outs
3) some excellent hammer work on the rim is necessary, turn back, pipe or so.
4) when it looks before 16the century, it is especially called Ko-katchushi.
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