Wakizashi, O-suriage (Ko-Aoe)

blade length 52.2cm, curvature 0.6cm, thickness at the base 6mm, width 2.7cm

The blade is very shortened to wakizashi length. But the blade quality is very high. We think, it is a masterpiece from 13th century or 14th century. It is difficult to find out who the smith is, but we will suppose it to Ko-Aoe school for a while.

The steel layer is small wood grain and burl grain, and it is a little rise up. Such steel texture is found in old blade in 13th or 14th century.

On the upper part of obverse side, some black coloured steel appears. It may be a core steel.

It is straight pattern made of small particles (ko-nie). Several kinds of utsuri appear overlapping. It is difficult to take in pictures. And the view of utsuri can change by different lighting. We never find such a mysterious utsuri appearance in Shinto blades.

The shortening work is very proper. The work may be done in 17th century or so. The rust condition on the tang is excellent, alike good steel tsuba.

Habaki; gold foiled double habaki

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