Tanto "Osafune Kagemasa or Kagemitsu"

blade length 27.0cm
An excellent tanto of Osafune school in the end of Kamakura period.

"Bishu Osafune ju Kage...." The last one character was cut off.

"Genkou gan nen 12 gatsu" (1331 Dec.)
The last character of the smith's name has cut off.
It should be "Kage-mitsu" or "Kage-masa". I feel it may be Kagemasa because of the chisel work.
Anyway this tanto was made by one of them of Kagemitsu Kagemasa brothers.
The steel is full of particles (jinie) and a wood grain layer pattern.
The hamon is full of small particles (konie), and its pattern is gunome.
The utsuri is a bo-utsuri pattern.
On the whole, this blade is so tired that steel becomes dim except for the kissaki.
The konie particles are gentle and mild, and the middle part of the length on the reverse side is so tired that the hamon becomes weak.
The kissaki is healthy, the hamon on it is clear on both sides.

The engravings are, a dragon winding on a sword design on the obverse side, chop sticks on the reverse side.

A very rare and good tanto even if it is tired.
The habaki is wrapped with gold foil. It is very good too.


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