Tanto "Hideto"

The customer wanted a steel forged only by man power. So he took a large hammer by himself instead of using power hammer.

It was hard work for both the smith and the customer, since the large hammer worker was amateur. It took many days, but finally they forged out one steel block that was enough to make one tanto blade. This is a result of customer's effort with blisters on his both hands and back pain.

The material was same to our smith's usual work, and so are all other terms on the processes. The only difference was no power hammer. The steel became a little softer during the fold'n welding work, because of many times heating. The steel was burned much more than usual. The steel is not so clear as his usual work.

The hardenning wowrk was done by the smith. The hamon is not very bright, but still the appearance of utsuri is interesting.

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