Tachi, Originally unsigned (Gassan)

blade length 66.0cm, curvature 1.4cm, thickness at the base 6.5mm, width 2.7cm

This is an originally unsigned tachi blade. We can attribute it to "Gassan" in Koto period.

The steel has wavy pattern (Ayasugi hada). It appears some rough layer, but still beautiful.

The hamon is a straight pattern made of smallest particles (nioi). The temper line is tight mainly, and some parts are not very tight automatically because of the outer steel running into hamon. Its pattern is a straight (suguha) including some wavy pattern influenced by the steel layer. Utsuri is shirake style. It starts at the same point of the starting of hamon, and it runs along the steel layer, but it is not clear.

The polishing is the modern style (hadori). So it emphasize the layer pattern visible.

Tang, originally unsigned

It is interesting to study the steel construction. It is the three layers style. The core (edge) steel is fine and clear, while the outer steel has visible layer pattern. The wavy layer pattern, three layers steel construction and straight pattern hamon is of course typical style of Gassan school. The shape and the tang suggests its age koto period. Such a shape is typically found in Oei era (1394 ~ 1428). Anyway, Gassan from Koto period is rare. What is more this is beautiful and good quality.
(=> Wakizashi Gassan)

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