Chinese sword

full length 79.4cm    blade length 53.1cm    thickness 6.5mm at the base, 3mm at the tip

This sword was used in the war in Manchuria in 20th century. It is healthy,but rusted.
The blade has three layered construction of modern steel. The border between the inner steel and the outer steel runs straight along the cutting edge. The cutting edge may be hard enough to cut bones.
The sandwich like three layered construction is a tradition of Chinese sword, but the steel of this sword is very modern one. Probably made in the end of 19th century or early 20th century. The outer steel is so mild that we can't find any hamon on it.

When we found this sword the mount was very destroyed. The handle wood was wrapped with blue cloth cord. The black leather sheath was dried up, but its system was interesting. It should be called a bag rather than a sheath. The blade can't be sheathed nor drawn without releasing the two hooks at the back of blade.

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