Welcome to Kumagaya Sanryo-Kai

The Kumagaya Sanryo-Kai is a mountaineering club, which is established in 1964 at Kumagaya city Saitama prefecture Japan.

We enjoy everything mountains give us. Each time climbing a mountain, the mountain seems to give us something inpressive.

We are eargerly wainting you to join our club!

No exprerience is needed!

Even if you don't have experience about climbing mountain, you can enjoy mountains according your strength condition. If you want to climb rock or winter mountains, you can try them. We perform various kind of mountain trip; hiking, trekking, climbing summar mountain, climbing trough river, rock climbing, winter montains...

We climb mountains periodicaly as a club plan mountain trip.(Once per month)

Beside the club plan mountain trip, members enjoy mountain trip any time.

Monthly club meeting is held as follows,

Place Kumagaya city's central public hall
Time 2 times / month (Wednesday) 19:30-21:00

Kumagaya Sanryo-Kai Overview

Belongs to Saitama prefectures mountaineer's union
Member 36 (men 29 and women 7)
Entrance fee Yen 2000-
Membership fee Yen 500-/Month

+ Need to join montain insurance (approx. Yen 6500- /Year)

contact 〒360-0833 TEL:048-521-4495 Toshihisa Kumagai : Hirose-800 Kumagaya city Saitama prefecture Japan.

EMAIL: kumagai@ps.ksky.ne.jp

〒355-0163 TEL:0493-54-4204 Yoshiyuki Ichikawa : Honzawa-65 Yoshimi-cho Hiki-gun Saitama prefecture Japan.