May. 17-18 Climbing training

May. 17.
14:00 Kumagaya city
17:30 Shopping of food for today's dinner
18:00 Arrival to the camp site

May. 18.
  6:00 Wake up
  7:30 Left camp site
  8:00 Parking of Mt. Mitsutoge
  9:00 Arrival to the rock field
 17:30 Left the rock field
 18:30 Parking of Mt. Mitsutoge
 22:00 Arrival to Kumagaya city
Member before use Many climbing trainning school Mr. Fukazawa at climbing Mr. Matsunaga at climbing Mr. Morita Member after use

  It was the second time for me to take part in mountaineering of the Kumagaya Sanryo Kai since my going on a hike to Mt. Omochiin and Mt. Komochi in January. Rock climbing which was not a lesson was the first experience for me. I enjoyed multi pitch climbing which couldn't be done in the indoor.

Mr. Fukazawa, Mr. Takada, Mr. Sono and Mr. Shinohara left Kumagaya at 6:00 AM, and they enjoyed rock climbing in the afternoon. Mr. Kumagai, Mr. Ishikawa and Morita who left at 14:00 participated in the camp and dinner held at lakeside of Kawaguchi-ko in that day, . Dinner began at about 19:00. After not only one dozen of beer, but also the 3.6L of sake and wine were drunk up by about 22:00, we went on sleep. I didn't think that they would drink completely. They are heavy drinkers.

Mr.Matsunaga came at about 24:00 when all slept and became quiet.

We got up at 6:00, and left camp site at 7:30 after breakfast in the next morning. On the way, we bought lunch in the convenience store, and went to the Mt. Mitsutoge. We began to walk the trail at 8:00, and arrived at the climbing place in about one hour. It was not easy for me to follow them because the pace of walk was fast.

We began rock climbing at 9:00. The party of Mr.Sono and Mr. Shinohara decided a route soon and then climbed it.

Mr. Kumagai led "the Goddess of Mercy route right V-", and Mr. Fukazawa led "well, from now, 5.8", and then Mr. Matsunaga led "Nissankyo route 5.9". A top rope was set on each route, and we practiced using them. First, though I tried the Goddess of Mercy route, I came to a deadlock with the first crack.

Because I don't practice crack climbing in PUMP, I didn't find how to climb it. I pushed my body into crack somehow, and tried to push a wall on the back, and it was cleared. This was the core part. Next, though I tried Nissankyo route, it was too tough for me to climb up without tension. I climbed it with repeating tension. That was the route which was too difficult considering 5.9. Next, I climbed "well, from now" with tension of one time somehow.

I recommend "Well, from now" in these three routes. It was decided to climb the multi-pitch route to the top at around 14:00 . I think I climbed four pitches though I don't remember which route I climbed. At the end, top rope was set on the "Daikon oroshi v+" Though the degree of the slant is 70〜80,most of holds are small and round. When I fall, it seems really to become a state of grated radish. Because it was less than a vertical, I could climb it by putting weight on the stance well somehow. All of the members could clear that with no tension after all. After we finished climbing, we went down a mountain trail. We left a parking lot at the foot of a mountain at about 18:30. Then, we arrived at the work hall at about 22:00. It was lucky that it didn't rain though it was cloudy and foggy all day long

What was found out on this climbing: A route grade in the rocky place isn't reliable. (I think that it is more difficult than an indication grade.)

             A route name is incomprehensible.

Think that I feel uneasy : The thing that the pace that people walk is fast. Will I be able to follow this group if the height difference of the route is beyond 1000m

Will I be able to enjoy alcohol as much as heavy drinkers' groups?

(Morita wrote)