Mt. Shiragamon


Cloudy sometines Rainy, Later Sunshine

Last night Mr. Takada appeared soon after I telephoned to him at Fukaya station.
I went to his home and met his beautiful wife. We departed to Doai station at 20:30and arrived there at 23:00. There are many mountaineers sleeping in their sleeping bags
in the station.
Since we would not hold our drinking party, we set our tents on the snow out of the
station. We went to bed at 1:00.

Next mourning we got up at 5:00. We started to climb at 6:10.
We went the steep slope. The snow on the path disappeared in some points.
It was a little hard to climb because the snow was so crashed easily at the upper
portion of the route.@The last work was a very steep snow slope to the summit.
Summit of Shiragamon at 9:10. It was cloudy and sometimes rainy. We could not
see Mt. Tanigawadake, which would be the best view from here.
It was so windy and cold that I drunk beer with zelt sheet.
Though the weather was not good, we started to Mt. Buno-Dake and Mt. AkazawaYama
Walking on the wide down slope, then going upward to Mt. Buno-Dake 10:45.
We could not see any view due to the deep mist. Depending on my map, I went down on a
ridge near the summit. Then the mist disappeared. We feel the route was wrong.
We climbed again to the ridge 12:30. Since the weather was getting better,
the snow condition was bad for walk. We arrived Mt. Akazawa14:00.
We took the right side route, but it was not good. We went down steep slope to the valley.
Here was very hazzardous area of avalanch. We soon left here, but next was gorge.
We have to climb upward to pass here. But we could not go down from here.
The only the way is to climb here again. We had to do dangerous traverse some times.
Anyway, we arrived Doai-station17:15.
The correct route would be no problem, but the wrong route is dangerous.

Mt.Shiragamon At the Summit of Mt.Shiragamon