Mt.Tsurugi from Mt.Betsusan At Mt. Onanji summit

We planned traversing to The Mt. Oyama today. Mr. Murano who climbed The Mt. Tsurugi alone yesterday along the normal route accompanied us today.

Mr. and Mrs. Ichikawa would climb The Mt. Oyama through the same route as us, but they had a different plan from ours, which they would stay at Raicho-sawa on the day. On account of the work, Mr. Matsunaga got off a mountain.

It was a fine day today too. The very fine view of The Mt. Tsurugi, the Genjiro ridge and the Yatsumine could be seen from the peak of The Mt. Betsusan, though they could not be seen at the same time by hiding each other from the tent place.

Unfortunately, when arriving at the Fuji-no-Oritate, there was in the gas. Though I thought to try to climb a rocky place at the top, I was prudent because there were some people around and the shock of yesterday's accident governed me further.

We were disappointed a little because The Mt. Yarigatake couldn't be seen as it became fine again when we arrived at the top of The Mt. Onanji, the highest peak of Tateyama range of mountains.

The Mt. Oyama of the big congestion is the city any more. Putting short shorts and cotton T-shirt on, the sightseers who had only camera were there.

I imagined that they would be surely cold if a shower came.

It was 11:30 still when we came back to the tent place by going around The Mt. Betsusan in our way of the tent place.

As the route was normal and there were not thrill of course, we enjoyed hiking over 3000m altitude.

After arriving at the tent I had nothing to do. I enjoyed elegant time with relaxing by drinking beer, drying my sleeping bag and so on. I had the second trying of bouldering in the afternoon in mind, which was unsuccessful at the first try of yesterday.

But after lunch, I was told to prepare to go back because they decided to go home soon when I returned to the tent from washing hands, which butter stuck to, to do bouldering. I regretted very much that I missed spending such a relaxing afternoon.

A preparation was finished only in thirty minutes because we had to leave at 13:30 because the departure of the final bus was 16:30.

Mr. Kumagai came to feel sick on the way to Betsusan-Nokkoshi because it was sudden departure after beer was drunk. His load is serious because Mr. Kumagai always shoulders much joint equipment from the strong sense of responsibility as the leader.

A superman, Mr. Takada carried not only some of them but also individual equipment of Mr. Kumagai.

His physical condition was recovered fortunately and he ran down from Betsusan Nokkoshi to Raicho-sawa after he took a rest at for about thirty minutes. I couldn't catch up him whose condition was recovered.

After Mr. Takada who arrived at Raicho-sawa first put sack, he returned to me, and he kindly carried my tent pole.

Was sack of Mr. Takada at least 35kg after that? @

It was a few three minutes before the departure of the final bus when we reached a ticket gate after climbing painful stairs from Jigoku-dani with one step one step.

It was favored fine day for three days this year, too, and all of us could enjoy the mountain climbing of The Mt. Tsurugi area. Everyone was grateful.