May.2-5. Kai-Komagatake(2966m)

We planned to stay Kitazawa Touge tent site 3 days and climb Mt. Kaikomagatake(2966m) and Mt. Senjyougatake(3033m). The only concern was the last day was also the last day of holiday, i.e. there is not enuogh time to rest before startingthe work . Anyway we gathered kumagaya city at18:30 May. 2. We drived car on the highway to Ina city through Matsumoto city. It was heavy rain. Our car run to Todai trying to find the tent site for tonight However we lost the road because a new road are located near the Todai. We finally find the Todai, however, it was already 24:00. There are only 2 cars at Todai parking area. I thought this time is lucky because only few peoples were stayed in the camp site. But it was a first misundertand durring this mountain trip. It was not comfortable to settle our tent at parking area while raining, we did it and stayed the night.

May. 3 6:00 , it was still heavy rain in the morning. Mr.Fukazawa said " Let's stay here today". However I thought we must go to Kitazawa Touge today anyhow. I got up and took breakfast. We tried to wait for stop rainning,but will started despite it was stil rain 9:15. At Dam 10:05. We must go over the river to the right side, but there was no suitable point. 5 men went on the stone in the river,But Ms. Mayumi dropped in the river. At that time the wether became fine. In the strong sun shine, we arrived KakubeeSawa Deai point. I thought the mountain snow was much more than expects. Tankei Sansou point 12:30. Here, Mr. Ichikawa lost his sun glasses. From here, Hattyouzaka, steep slope began, however, it was good condition pass. Walking for a while,the pass became to be covered by snow. After 2 pitch walking( about 2 hours ), we arrived Oohira hutte. "Oh, the snow of road is removed, Why?" we said. Then we arrived the camp site at 16:00. There were many tents. it was very mysterious because there was only 2 cars except us at the parking area. Anyway we set our tent and we drunk a toast with beer. The water was avilable at the left side of pass. The dinner was provided by Ms. Mari. Bon apetite!. We decided not to start early because we were tired.

May.4. We started 6:50. It was a little late for departure. We arrived Sensui hutte. there was very tasty water flowing. At the Sensui Toge, we saw Mae-SenjyouDake covered with much snow. At the opposite side, very high MariSiten peak rose. I thought "It will be hard to climb to such a very high peak." The wether was relatively good condition. Here, we were informed that the bus was avilable from Todai to Utajyuku, which is just 1 hour to the tent site. We surprised. Then we understand the reason why there were so many tents. We started climbing to Komatsu-Mine peak. we arrived there at 10:00. Here, we enjoyed the view of Mt. Senjyo(3033m), Mt. KitaDake(3192m), Mt. AinoDake(3189m) and Mt, Siomi(3047m). We started climbing again at 10:30. The pass to the Mt. Kai-Komagatake was rock ridge. There was a strange pass to the summit, so it became rock climbing. Mr. Fukazawa went over without using a rope. The follower Mr. Ichikawa couldn't go over it, and he climbed down very hard. The true pass was the pass to the right side. Anyway, we arrived the summit of Mt. Kai-Komagatake at 12:20. It became a little cloudy. Therefore the view of far away was not clear. However, we saw Mt. Senjyo clearly. At summit, I felt as if I was on the theather stage. 13:30, We went down from the summit. The climbing down of the rocky ridge was fun. However I lost my vigor at the Komatsu-Mine peak. I decided to have long rest time. Here, I met the art photographer. He said " The aslant light condition is good." looking at the front mountain. I also met the single climber from the long Kuroto-One route. At the Sensui Toge, I met Ms. Mayumi. We went down together. I arrived at the tent site 18:10. The top member arrived there 17:00.

May 5. We don't need to start in a hurry. However we started 7:45. At Oohira hutte, We were informed that the bus becaume available from 3 years ago. The last time I visited here was 5 years ago. We arrived Utajyuku bus stop at 9:10. Using a special unscheduled bus, we departed to Todai at 10:00. We needed to go the parking area which is not along with the bus route. Mr. Ichikawa and Mr. Yamazaki got off bus from the window at the brigde bus stop because we couldn't go to the door due to the full of passenger. The rest member went to the terminal bus stop. Our car came here at 11:30. We took a bath in the Senryuu-Soh at the terminal bus stop. It was comfortable. Then We ate Soba as lunch at Takatou city and went back to Kumagaya city via Tyuuou(Central) highway.


Mr. Yamazaki, Mr. Ichikawa, Ms. Mayumi, Ms. Mari, Mr. Fukazawa, Mr. Sakaue, Mr. Kumagai