Mt. Daigenta Kitazawa Hondani
At 21.July, We arrived camp site of Asahibara at 19:00. We enjoyed party
until 23:00. Next morning we got up at 4:30. We run our car to the starting
point of Mt. Daigenta. We started at 6:30. This is the first experience of
climbing through the river for Mr. Sono, Ms. Tanaka and me.
I thoght the climbing was easy because the route was ranked for beginner.
After 30 minites walking, we went to the river. At first I afraided to be
slipped down when climbing small water fall. However, I seldom slipped.
Thanks to the dedicated Keiryu-shoes. There was no difficult point until
Mitsumata point. We enjoyed climbing in the water and swimming.
We took a break at Mitsumata point where a big snow block still remains.
I surprised to hear 4 hours form here to the top of mountain.
From here, we had to overcome 20m big water fall. Mr. Matsunaga climbed
the ridge at the right side of 20m water fall. Then everybody followed him.
This climbing was difficult for me. Atfer the climbing we had to enter the hard bush climbing. Here, I perspited very hard. Then we went down to the
water fall using the rope. The route still had some hard water fall.
At chimney fall, only Mr. Fukazawa cimbbed the fall directly. Other members
avoided to climb it. After this point, I can not remember the route.
I didn't have enough extra power to take picture. At 16:00, It became heavy
rain. Suddenly, water flow inceased. Fortunately,the rain stopped shortly.
At last, Mr. Kakinuma's good route finding results in the arrival to the path
within short 10minites bush walking.
It was already 17:00. So we went down the mountain in a hurry.
The going down was slipped . We gripped the fixed rope for long steep slope.
We arrived parking area at 19:05. It became dark.
We arrived Kumagaya city at 23:00.

By Sakaue

Mr.Kumagai, Mr.Matsunaga, Mr. Fukazawa, Mr. Ichikawa, Ms MariHatori
Ms. MayumiHatori, Mr.Kakinuma, Mr. Sakaue, Ms. Tanaka, Mr. Sono
Climbing over the water fall.
Sometimes, Swimming
At Mitsumata point

We went leftside.

They are our members