We went to Mt. Hiuchi(2462m) June 16. The first 4 members gathered at Kumagaya city 15:00. We arrived at Sasagamine tent site at 19:00. We held party there. There was too much time because the rest members were being started kumagaya at 19:00. I thought they would arrive here at 23:00. We drinked too much and tired to wait them. At just 23:00 they, 7 members had arrived. Total 11 people were enjoyed small party in tiny tent.

Next morning, we got up at 5:00. We were concerned the wether because of "Tuyu" rainy season. Fotunately, It was good wether. We started 6:45. In 50 minites we had arrived Kurosawa bridge point. Good fresh sound of water fall. From here, slope became steep. Sometimes we saw Japanese Northen Alps mountain. Shortly, remaining snow appears around. After 45 minutes walking, we suggested to have a break, however, Mr. Fukazawa said "Let's go to Fujimi-Daira by non stop." We arrived Fujimi-Daira in one hour. Here, we could enjoy the fine view. However, Mt Hiuchi didn't appear. We took a long rest there. Then we swent forward. Soon we had arrived the snow hill, where we could see Mt. Hiuchi in the front. There was much snow. Then we went to the Kohya-Ike Hutte. Mr. Fukazawa is drawing a picture of Mt. Hiuchi with enough reserve power. I also took some picture of the mountain. The top group of our party going the plateau looks very happy. When I arrived Kohya-Ike Hutte, They already went forward. I also went after them beyond snow covered lake. Ms. Mari and Mr. Kakinuma took picture of each member of our party there. Soon Tengu no Niwa(Garden of Tengu). Here also snow covered field. I thought the top members intended to reach the summit with non stop. This might be Mr. Matsunaga's idea. There was no way for me except doing same way. While going up, I met Ms. Mayumi. She said that all other members were going forward. When I arrived a small peak, I saw the summit of Mt. Hiuchi. Because I was walking one and a half hour, I had a break there. Then with my best effort I arrived the snow slope point where I saw from the small peak. The summit of Mt Hiuchi was soon from there. I arrived the summit at 11:25. The top members arrived there 10:50. I surprised that our new comer Ms. Tanaka was so strong to keep in top group. We saw Japan Sea beyond the cloud. Due to cloud, we could only see Mt. Myohko and Mt. Yakeyama. It was uncanny for us to hear the small eruption sound of Mt. Yakeyama. We went down from the summit 12:20. We took a rest at Kohya-Ike hutte. Mr. Sono and Mr. Sakaue didn't know the rest and they went forward and forward. After the rest, the rest members started started to Fujimi-Daira. Since the path after the Fujimi-Daira was covered with snow, we might miss the route. Then, going down and down. After long time, I hear the sound of a water fall. The sound became stronger as going down the route. Then we arrived Kurosawa brigde point. We arrived Sasagamine 15:50. We took a break at the spa which is 30 minutes far (by car) from Sasagamine. We arrived Kumagaya 21:00

This time there was much snow, however we didn't need ice axe and crampons.


Mr. Fukazawa, Mr. Matsunaga, Mr. Sono, Mr. Sakaue, Mr. Kakinuma, Ms. Funato, Ms. Takami, Ms. Mayumi, Ms Mari, Ms. Tanaka, Mr. Kumagai.

View of Northen Japanese Alps.
Mt. Hiuchi from snow hill.
Our member