Mt. Daisyo 15. Apr. 2001

We met kumagaya at 9:00. This time is a welcome party for 3 new comers. Our 3 cars had arrived at Mt. Daisyou parking space at 10:45. There were many cars and our cars make no extra space there. We had started at 11:00. We chose left route "onnna zaka". within 30 minites, we arrived a small hut below the rock wall. There were many beautiful cherry-blossom. We took a break while. We went over Myougisan peak and had arrived the peak of Mt. Daisyo(314m). Long distance sight is not clear, however we saw Mt. Shirane covered with white snow. Also it was good sight of near area. This is the summit of mountain anyway. We chose a cave route. Soon the route became steep slope. It might miss our footing. Using a fixed rope, we had arrived the flat area. Then we arrived at a cave, which seems be deep relatively. There were 2 way for parking area. we chose right hand. There is also a cave, which seems be artificial. We had arrived parking space at 13:00.

The lunch time was a party time. We drink beer. During drinking, we made barbecue one after another. We enjoyed the party until 4:00. We had arrived at Kumagaya city 6:30 .

Member: Kumagai,Matsunaga,Yamazaki,Funato,Takami,Mari,Mayumi, Mr and Mrs Ichikawa, Sakaue, Sono, Tanaka


At The summit of Mt. Daisyou