2000$@G/(JGoldenWeek:Mt. Yatsugatake(2899m)
May.3. 2000. In the morning,we felt fresh at Minotoguchi parking area. Our task of the 1st dayt was to go to Akadake-Kosen , it was not hard.
At Akadake-Kosen
At Minito-Guchi
We started 8:30, It was a gentle slope along with the river. We went over many log bridge. We arrived Akadake-Kosen base camp site at 11:45. This was the start of long life in the montain.
May. 4 morning. The summit of Mt. Yatsugatake, Akadake peak rose clearly in the May sky. This day's plan was to climb the top of the peak and also to climb the right side Mt. AmidaDake. Last night, we played cards with fan. However we didn't too much concentrated the card game to the late night, it is an adult's attitude. We started to climb. We arrived the Jizou-No-Atama ridge without using rope. The snow is much. We finally reached the summit. The view from the summit was perfect.
We traced to Mt. Nakadake and then Mt. AmidaDake as our plan. When going down from the Mt. AmidaDake, we used the rope because a climber in front of us slipped 15m. It was not so dangerous condition but it was strained experience for me. All members passed safety this point. Then we arrived GyojyaGoya hutte. Here, Ms.Mari and Ms.Mayumi had chattering. We arrived base camp 13:00. It was too early for dinner. There was enogh time to do nothing. I just sat on drum and saw blankly a Koinobori flag of hutte of ridge far away. Next day also had same relaxing time. It was warm in our tent. I dryed my sleeping bag. We are staying in the mountain long time. Ms.Takami came here with light step using double sticks while such our atmosphere.

6:30Start 7:25GyojyaGoya 8:20 Jizou-No-Atama 9:10 Summit (Mt.Akadake) 11: 20 Mt. AmidaDake 13:00 Base camp

From the summit of Mt. AmidaDake(2805m), back Mt. Akadake(2899m)
May.5 I remember the going up to the Mt.IouDake was hard for me . Mr. Kumagai reached the summit with non stop. Mr. Kakinuma always took our behavier with his video camera. Ms. Mari licked a wound like a wildcat (At fact ,she did a taping ). We tried Mt. Yokodake however, we could not reach there. We should keep peak is for next time. We run down to the base camp. The last dinner was very good. Stars were blinking , No wind blew in silence. We slept hearing somebody singing mountain song from next tent.

8:00 Start 9:25 IouDake 14:04 Base camp

May.6. Going down from the mountain.

Ichikawa wrote.

Mt.YokoDake, Mt.Akadake, Mt. AmidaDake
Member: Mr.Kumagai, Mr. Ichikawa, Ms.Mari, Ms.Mayumi, Ms.Takami, Mr.Kakinuma