April 2000: Takekawa-Dake
April. 16. 2001.

Gentle slop to the Mt. Takekawa-Dake, I walked with the image of fresh green season. Despite the fine day, it was cold and everybody put on their colorful rain wears. It was one hour to the summit. It was not far. While going down, there were crumbling load point and long center rising load area, which were exciting. This time, Mr. Ichikawa and Mr. Kakinuma took our movie and picture from the back and the forward. I look forward to the completion.

8:17Kumagaya STN 9:30Chichibu STN -Taxi- 10:00Start -11:05 Mt.Takekawa - 11:55Mt.Takekawa -12:50Mt.Yakeyama 13:45Mt.Futago -15:10 AshigakuboSTN

Mari Hatori:

Now , Start to walking
At the summit of Mt. Takekawa
View from the summit