Mt. Kesamaru (1878m)
May.21.2000. We went to Mt Kesamaru where Aka-Yashio's pink flowers bloom. At Tsutsuji-daira, I saw pink flowers were blooming all over, and took rest a while. The road to the summit was good condition , it was not hard to the summit except one point of steep slope. The view from the summit was not... ;It will be beautiful in azalea flower season. During going down we suffered a hailstorm suddenly. I put on the rain gear in a flurry, run down. In the other hand, some hikers were still going up to the summit. I didn't think of hailstorm before. Hailstones hit me painfully. Anyway I arrived to the start point, and I took a break, then, a party next me had started cooking. I felt hungry, I ate the rest of lunch.

(Yuminote-route)7:10 Oriba:StartPoint〜7:50 SaiNoKawara〜8:45 KoMaruyama〜9:45 Mt. Kesamaru summit11:15〜11:45 KoMaruyama〜12:50 SaiNoKawara

Aka-Yashio flower
Mt. Kesamaru
Going dwon from the summit
At the summit of Mt. Kesamaru