July Mt. KashimaYarigadake(2890m)
At midnight, our car had arrived at Otanihara. we settled tents there.

Next morning, we walked the road to the start point of mountain path. There is a big dam before it. The dam has a inner road for hiker. Then the steep slope started. It was very hot, however, we arrived TakachihoDaira earlier than we had thought. Sometimes it rained, so we saw hiker's colorful rain wears. Ms Mari started to walk, and rest men followed her. But they couldn't reach her. When we arrived crest line, it was strong wind. A fog lifted suddenly by the strong wind. We can see Tsubetaike hut.With the last work, we had arrived the hut and we found Ms. Mari. However we lost one man. So we went tent site, then we met him. We drinked the toast with beer. Then we made dinner. There was enough time before sleep.

2nd Day, We started to the summit. After the one hour walking, we had arrived the summit. Good condition. Then we went to the Northern peak also. We enjoyed Japanese alps feeling around this area. Then we returned to the Southern peak and went down to the tent site. It was strong sunshine. Next was to go down to the dam. It was very hard to keep 45 minites going down before rest because of very hot temperature. After long long walking time, we had arrived the dam. We took rest while . Then we walked road to the parking area. we saw Mt. KashimaYarigadake from the parking area.

Member: Kumagai, Yamazaki, Ishikawa, Mari, Kakinuma.

T. Kumagai.

At the TakachihoDaira
2nd Day morning at the tent site
At the summit
South view (left mt. Jiigatake 2670m) from the summit.